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    NINA Company also specializes in producing S2S and S4S dimension lumber elements for a variety of industries to order. Hardwood dimension lumber is processed to be used whole in the manufacture of furniture or other products.

    From FJ (finger-joint) blanks, edging strips, flooring blanks and molding blanks to PET (precision end trimmed) boards, we are ready to source, produce and deliver your order.

    We are currently producing quality Walnut and Cherry in both 38mm and 51mm thickness in a number of styles.

    We invite you to e-mail us with your inquiries.

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    We consistently exceed the most exacting requests - our service and attention to your international hardwood lumber needs will please you!

    Truly custom lumber

    We can custom saw to your requirements. We currently cut White Oak, White Ash and Black Walnut to custom thickness. Contact us with your request.

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